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Established in the year 2012, we Jaipur Pest Control Services are one of the leading pest control services in rajasthan. Licensed by the government of India Plant Protection, Quarantine and storage and government of rajasthan, we are engaged in providing effective and eco friendly services. We have a team of highly qualified trained professionals, who have a vast experience and expertise which enables them to provide quality pest control services.
About Jaipur Pest Control

Why Us -

  • Our trained service technician work efficiently using safe methods.
  • We are committed to deliver quality services and are reliable.
  • All government regulations and licensed are attached too.
  • Cost effective service

Pest Control Services for -

  • Residential Pest Control.
  • Termite Control Treatment.
  • Commercial Pest Control.
  • Industrial Pest Control.
  • Anti Termite Treatment for Pre & Post Constructions.


Image Of Termite

Termite Control Treatment

Termites are often called the silent destroyers as they may be recretly thriving is your home without showing any signs of damage, Termites have destructive effects on wood...


Image Of Cockroach

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home! Our homes can not be bed bug proofed as they travel easily by latching on to clothes, baggage, and even laptops...


Image of Mosquito

Mosquitoe Control Treatment

Mosquito bites can result in allergic reactions, producing significant discomfort and itching. Mosquitoes may transmit disease such as Dengue, Yellow fever, Malaria to humans...


Image of Big Cockroach

Cockroach Control Treatment

Our buildings are ideal for cockroaches as they provides food, water, warmth and shelter. Spread diseases by transporting bacteria and organisms from swerve and unsanitary...


Image of Flyes

House Flies Control Treatment

Flies are strongly attracted by light on warm days, the flies become active and will often move to the inside of homes in alarming numbers once they have responded to the...


Image of Fogging

Fogging & Fragrance Service

The fogger is capable of dispersing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides for application in green houses, a wild range of ware houses and other out door pest...



Jaipur Pest Control

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  •   For Jaipur Enquiry: +91 9928961001, 7665819102
  •   For Jodhpur Enquiry:+91 7300001194